ILLATION.WORLD helps micro-SMEs to easily and affordably report their scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions while helping them increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

My focus was on the Logo and Brand Design documentation. Website Design, Initial Marketing Material Focus Grouping & Creating Pitch Deck content for investor bids.

Initial Marketing Focus Grouping

Working with our lovely voice actor Kyle Hanna who also provided feedback on the script.


We made a variety of draft marketing campaign videos for the ILLATION Application. With a focus on trying to learn and develop how to best reach our target audience, while also developing ideas for the initial UX design for the app and the overall brand to take to investors and investment bids.

Website Landing Page

ILLATION.WORLD's initial website design to align with our green space theme and contrasting colours.

I built the website along side an initial app design and advertisement video to help show our overall vision and provide the information on what we want to do as our future teams.

Figma & UX Design

ILLATIONs App was sketched out using Figma to play around with ideas for how to display large amounts of user input data and long term tracking of this information.

While the UX Design has not been fully fleshed out the initial opinions were positive.

Website Board
Website Board
Home Page-3.png
Home Page-2.png
Figma Board.PNG

3D Modelling and Font Design

ILLATION.WORLD initially wanted to be a fully 3D video with a focus on soft shapes, and the contrasting green colour scheme. After some initial whitebox work the deadline was moved forward which meant the project could not be fully completed on time.

I also spent some time learning how font design is made and made an initial start on a modified typography design to be used for the branding such as logo font.